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Liquid Applied Membrane (Coatings)

Liquid Applied Membrane (LAM) is a waterproofing, UV-resistant coating that protects against weathering, impact damage, stress cracking and ultraviolet rays. This roofing system is applied at varying rates of thickness and is mostly used in conjunction with existing metal, single ply, or modified bitumen roofs as an alternative to removing and replacing the existing system. There are many application methods ranging from roller to broom. LAM is a tenacious adhesive and is coal and tar free. Are you interested in liquid applied membrane in Dallas, TX? If so, dial 214-295-6213 to connect with the pros at Roofing Restoration for more.

The Process

The existing metal roof is prepared and power washed to ensure a clean, rust-free surface. Then, all fasteners are checked, tightened and, if necessary, replaced with oversized fasteners. All the fasteners are then encapsulated with an elastomeric sealer.

All the seams in the roof are sealed with an elastomeric sealer and the horizontal seams receive a polyester reinforcement as well as an additional layer of elastomeric sealer.

All roof penetrations are sealed with a double layer of elastomeric sealer and polyester reinforcement.

With the roof, lap and penetration preparation work done, the roof is then ready for the two coat, rubber based coating. A base coat is first applied. Then the finish coat is sprayed on at the rate of 2 gallons per square, per coat (10 year warranty on material, 5 year warranty on labor), or 3 gallons per square, per coat (10 year warranty on material, 10 year warranty on labor).

Advantages of LAM Membranes

  • Significant savings over roof replacement
  • Highly reflective white or aluminum finish membranes which can save up to 40% on cooling costs
  • Lightweight design adds minimal load to the structure
  • No interruption in building operation in the event of unexpected rainfall during construction
  • Long term warranties

Connect with Roofing Restoration for more about liquid applied membrane in Dallas, TX. Call us at 214-295-6213 for more.

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