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What Makes PVC Roof a Good Flat Roofing Material?

Posted by: Jonathan Gaspard Posted on: Sep 15, 2022

Pvc roofing

PVC is cost-effective, robust, and one of the most popular plastics. PVC roofing material is frequently chosen because of its excellent durability. Even under extreme weather forecasts, you can depend on PVC roofing sheets for commercial roofing. PV...

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Why Should You Choose Built Up Roofing?

Posted by: Jonathan Gaspard Posted on: Aug 12, 2022

Restoration blog Built Up Roofing

There are a lot of different factors to consider when you're looking for a roofing material, specifically for a flat roof. Knowing exactly what to look for can be overwhelming if it's not something that you're used to thinking about. You would need t...

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What is Liquid Applied Membrane and how is it used in Roofing?

Posted by: Jonathan Gaspard Posted on: Jul 31, 2022

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Liquid Applied Roofing Membranes are fully-bonded and monolithic fluid-based coatings to reinforce transitional areas on a roof as well as fully coating entire roof surfaces. They can be applied over many substrates like metal, TPO, PVC, EPDM, etc. T...

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6 Reasons EPDM Roofing may be the right choice for your roof

Posted by: Jonathan Gaspard Posted on: Jul 15, 2022


Are you looking to restore your current roofing system? Or do you need to upgrade your old damaged roof? If you are looking for a great solution for flat roofs, an EPDM roofing material could be a good option. Scroll down to learn the benefits: Handl...

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