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"Anthony West, even though I didn't get his service, he still help me and my wife with our roof problem. We are seniors and really appreciated him going the extra mile to help us get through this. God bless him and all of the company that work with him. Y'all have a blessed day!"

Joe M.

Dallas, TX

Exterior Painting

Do you need exterior painting services in Grapevine, TX? For quality services, connect with the pros at Roofing Restoration by dialing 214-295-6213. If the exterior of your home needs some TLC, we're well versed in how to properly prepare and paint the exterior of your home. We start by spraying TSP, a mildew killer, and power washing your home. We then scrape and sand peeling paint, while priming any exposed wood. Next, we caulk all seams and joints - not just spot caulk - with a 50 year caulk. Finally, we mask your windows and brick to ensure that there is no overspray. The following day, after the caulk has cured, we will apply a full strength, quality paint.

If your project requires replacing the gutters, we've found that's the perfect time to freshen up the paint. Once the gutters are removed, we can paint the otherwise unreachable wood behind the gutters. We can also match the paint to the gutter color of your choice, ensuring a whole house match. For reliable exterior painting services in Grapevine, TX, look no further than the experts at Roofing Restoration. Give us a call at 214-295-6213 for more information.