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What Makes PVC Roof a Good Flat Roofing Material?

Posted by: Jonathan Gaspard Posted on: Sep 15, 2022

PVC is cost-effective, robust, and one of the most popular plastics. PVC roofing material is frequently chosen because of its excellent durability. Even under extreme weather forecasts, you can depend on PVC roofing sheets for commercial roofing.

PVC roofing systems are built from two layers of PVC roof material with polyester placed between the layers as a reinforcement. For further flexibility and strength against UV rays, the layers in a PVC roof come with additives. Also, PVC roofs are reflective and resistant to dirt and dust due to the extra layer of acrylic coating to the membrane.

Factors that Make PVC Roofing a Good Flat Roofing Material

Durability and Strong Seam

The roofing materials significantly impact the environment, depending on their longevity. Materials that last longer are good for the environment since they are less likely to become landfill waste. PVC roofing membrane will last for decades if properly installed and maintained. And also, welded seams are more robust than the material itself and make PVC roofing best for vegetated roofs as it does not allow root penetration.


PVC roofing membranes can be welded throughout their lifespan and can be used for solar panels, new equipment, and routine maintenance. PVC trim from manufacturing is recyclable, and the post-consumer membranes can be made into new membranes.

Multiple Attachment Options

Mechanical fasteners and fully-adhered are the top options in attaching PVC roofing systems. Manufacturers make PVC sheets into wide panels, which helps lower the number of seams used for sealing in the field. The fastener’s pattern can be adjusted depending on the expected wind loads.

PVC roofs have excellent resistance against the wind. In the case of double welds, the PVC membrane is welded on both sides of the seam fastener to distribute stresses and prevent strain on the roofing membrane.


Thermoplastics are available in many colors but usually come in light colors. Light-colored roofs have more excellent reflectivity, which helps to bounce back heat from the sun. Pure white roofs will look dirtier quickly. So PVC roofing materials usually come in tan, light gray, and off-white colors.

Hire Your Roofing Contractor

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