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What is Liquid Applied Membrane and how is it used in Roofing?

Posted by: Jonathan Gaspard Posted on: Jul 31, 2022

Liquid Applied Roofing Membranes are fully-bonded and monolithic fluid-based coatings to reinforce transitional areas on a roof as well as fully coating entire roof surfaces. They can be applied over many substrates like metal, TPO, PVC, EPDM, etc. The liquid membrane coatings will become rubber-like, elastomeric waterproofing membranes with no chance of cracks and gaps on roofs if applied correctly. Check out how Liquid Applied Roofing membranes can be applied for residential and commercial roofing.

Convenient for Complex Geometries and Surfaces

Liquid Applied systems are suitable for complex geometries and surfaces. Liquid-applied membranes are flexible and thus make it easy to tend to complex roofing shapes.

Minimizes Downtime

Liquid-applied membrane systems minimize the downtime for refurbishment by removing the necessity of tearing off the existing roof. Also, the building can typically remain in use during roof installation.

Seamless Application

Liquid Applied Membrane has one consistent layer on the substrate, and there are no joints or seams, which accelerates the application speed and limits the risk of application failures.

Increases Roof’s Lifespan

Liquid Applied Membranes repairs and enhances the lifespan of old or leaking roofs. There is only a lower chance of roof failure risk even in a cold climate; thus, roofs can survive deteriorating conditions for many years.

*It is imperative to have a moisture scan of the entire roof before the installation of any coating. Any moisture present in a roof will be trapped and cause the coating to fail.


Unlike other membranes which can be applied to the roof by mechanical fasteners or partially applied adhesives, liquid-applied membranes are fully adhesive. The direct bonding to the substrate prevents lateral water migration, and the membrane covers the roof with full adhesion, which makes no chance of water ingress when the membrane is punctured.

Ideal for Many Substrates

Liquid applied membranes can be used on many substrates, which makes them suitable for most refurbishment projects. In some cases, removing the existing roof may not be needed (up to roof assessment).

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