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Category: Insurance

Buyer Beware! 2019 Brings New Texas Laws Regarding Deductibles!

Posted by: Jonathan Gaspard Posted on: Aug 09, 2019

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There are some major changes in the law that we wanted to take a moment to help educate you on. These are important changes to insurance claims, that you as a homeowner need to be aware of to keep yourself from receiving fines, possible jail time and...

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Is it Illegal for a Roofer to Waive a Deductible?

Posted by: Jonathan Gaspard Posted on: Nov 14, 2018

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This is a question that gets asked quite often. Most homeowners are not familiar with the insurance process, and lets face it how many people study Texas State law? The short answer is yes, it is illegal. Read on to understand why this practice can o...

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